If you are a music lover and want to get the Premium free Music streaming app So, Spotify MOD APK is the best option for you. Listen to your favorite music & Audio with all the Premium Unlimited Unlocked features for free.
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If you are a music lover and want to get the Premium free Music streaming app So, Spotify MOD APK is the best option for you. Listen to your favorite music & Audio with all the Premium Free Full features. Download Spotify Premium MOD APK Latest Version From (

Spotify MOD APK Overview

Spotify Premium MOD APK is the world’s best music streaming platform for Android Phones. Listen to your Favorite all kinds of music, songs, radio, and audio with the use of this app. There are over 50 Million Songs with the billions of users of the Spotify mod apk. It is the largest online music and podcast streaming app. All the copyrighted music has the Music Store. You can listen to any songs in any language with the help of Spotify MOD APk Version.

Spotify Premium MOD APK is the modded version of Original Spotify that you can Download and Use Free of Cost on your Android phones with all the Premium features. You don’t need any subscription to use this app or no need to log in/sign-up. Just install Spotify MOD APK on your Mobile Phones and enjoy the Music Library, Albums that include the huge kind of music with different categories.

Spotify premium mod apk

Spotify is the Audio platform that provides its users with all the media services. Spotify was introduced in 2006 by Daniel EK, Swedish Entrepreneur. It is a very huge app and the headquarters of the Spotify Premium app in Scotholm is a Sweden city. There are over 20+Branches of Spotify Premium all over the world. Spotify Premium Apk is the paid and Original app that you can get the payment amount. If you want to get Spotify Premium MOD APK For Free So, you can Download Spotify MOD APK From Our Site otherwise, it is available in the Google pLay store but there are Some Advertisements that disturb you to listen to music.

Everything is Unlimited or Free in Spotify Mod Apk, Listen to unlimited music every day and night to pass your free time. You can find all the unlimited songs by the just as regular stream service. Search all the songs by the name, title Artist name, album name, etc. There are thousands of different albums of songs with high-quality songs and podcasts. You can listen to the different genres such as Rock, jazz, Classic Music, Heavey Metal, Pop Music, Country Music, Folk Music, HipHop Music, Dance Music, and many more.

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Features of Spotify Premium MOD APK

Discover Your Favorite

With the help of your Search History and listened Playlist it will help you to Discover your favorite Music. Spotify Premium APK provides all the music according to your watched history on your Home screen in the Discover option. You can listen to all the songs, Audio, Music, etc in one playlist that will be automatically managed by the Spotify Mod apk from your related searches. Without finding any Songs you can listen to all the related ones in discover your favorite feature because it is a fantastic feature of the Spotify Premium mod apk.

Huge Library

Huge library in various genres and Artists that you can use in different categories. There are many categories in which the one is library option. In Library, You have the opportunity to listen to all the songs by different Genres and artists. There are many libraries on popular songs artists such as Atif Aslam, Neha Kakkar, etc in which you can listen to all the songs in your artist library. All your artist songs are available in Library that you can listen to without any searches free of cost.

Spotify premium mod apk

Create a Custom Playlist

This is the only app that provides its users to create a custom playlist feature in which you can create your custom playlist as you need. If your friend wants to listen to the same songs with the same as you So, you have the solution is that create a custom playlist in which add more than 100 songs and shares your friends online. You can manage the playlist with many colors, borders, and transparency. Easy way to create a custom playlist, Just go to create a new option and add your favorite songs, music, Audio, Podcast, radio, etc by entering the name or title of the songs. It automatically detects the songs to put into the playlist.

Shuffle play on Spotify Premium MOD APK

Spotify Premium Mod apk allows its users to shuffle any music, Songs in any playlist from any artist by mixing them. You can do anything with this app as you wish or share your all shuffle things on any social media platforms or with friends. You can do something that you want. All the mixed songs automatically detect your mobile device to play the background as you need. You can set the timing of shuffle play songs that custom plays the background on your devices online.

Listen to Songs with Lyrics(Subtitles)

Spotify Premium mod apk is the only app that provides the songs with English Subtitles on any songs. The other name of show subtitles on the songs is called lyrics. Lyrics is the main source of understanding the song concepts and getting information about the songs. If you play one song at a time so you have the option in the audio setting to show lyrics. Choose to Enable lyrics otherwise, it is randomly off. If you want to show lyrics so you do custom Enable Show Lyrics Option. Lyrics show in every song with the song’s language.

USE Spotify Premium MOD APK Offline

If you don’t have an internet connection and want to listen to music so you can use this app without the internet(offline). Yes, In Offline Mode, you can only listen to your playlist of saved songs, music, etc. You have no search for new songs in offline mode. All the listened songs are available in the playlist and you can just listen to the playlist again offline. This is better than the other offline mode in which you can pass your boring time.

Spotify MOD APK Videos

This is the newest feature of the Spotify mod apk in which you can’t only listen to music rather, you can watch your favorite videos according to the media and entertainment. Watch the music videos, Documentary videos and videos series, etc on your mobile phones with the use of the Spotify Premium Apk and share all the videos with your friends to engage in Enjoyment and Excitement.

Spotify Premium APK Files Download

Download all the files to your mobile storage for a lifetime. You can download all your favorite songs, Music, and podcasts in a few seconds without any restriction but in which the disadvantage is that it is updated daily basis and after downloading the file it will not be updated regularly. The very Easiest way to Download Files From the Spotify Premium apk is that hold on to the Songs title and the option appears on your front screen which the one is the download option. Just Click to Download Option and Start the file Downloading on your Android Devices.

Spotify premium mod apk

Spotify MOD APK Podcast Quality

The High-Quality Podcast that concerned all devices and the Spotify MOD APK Provides 128 Kilobytes per second on the whooping devices and 96 kilobytes on other devices. It is a middle-quality podcast and the lower quality podcast is 24 Kilobytes per second. You can use high-quality podcasts according to their mobile devices.

Audio Changing Quality in Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium apk allows its users to change manual audio quality from the built-in Media player. With this, you can change the audio bass, treble, and more effects as you need. It could save mobile data or could learn music notes of the songs. You can change every song’s audio quality with custom or manual settings whatever you want. But, you can change the song setting online.

Spotify Premium MOD APK Radio TV

Listen to the full radio broadcast in which there are a premade collection of songs, new that is updated on a daily basis. Radio Broadcast plays only clear sky because in a rainstorm or thunder signal will be a break and make a disturbance to your listening Broadcast. This means in the clear sky you can use the Radio TV Option. Press the three-dotted sidebar and open the Radio Tv Option, it will automatically detect the radio tv and shows the radio frequency on your screen.

Spotify MOD APK Policy or Security

Spotify Premium MOD APK has a 100% Secure Policy or Security in which unauthorized users can’t change or hacked the security of this app. The unauthorized users can’t be misused or entered the data in the app without Permission. Only Authorized users can change the setting and re-enter the files. Keeping data confidential utmost priority. It allows reporting spam or any kind of Infringement. You can’t share your personal data with third party sources.

Key Features of Spotify MOD APK

  • Play your favorite music and podcasts.
  • Find new songs, albums, and podcasts to listen to.
  • Look for a song, an artist, or a podcast that you enjoy.
  • Listen to playlists created just for you.
  • Make your own playlists and share them with others.
  • You may find music to suit any mood or activity.
  • Listen to it on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect is a service that allows you to connect
  • The Find FWD button has been added.
  • Search Enabled Seeking Enabled
  • shuffle indefinitely
  • Any music will suffice.
  • Unlocking extreme audio
  • Enabled Repetition
  • No Hassle of ADS
  • Follow Artist Account
  • Unlimited Skips

MOD Info

  • Next Track Has Been Unlocked
  • Unlocked Unlocking the Previous Track Looking for FWD/BWD
  • Unlocked/Capable of Choosing Any Songs & Albums
  • Unlocked Once/all times
  • Unlocked Shuffle
  • Forces with Disabilities Shuffle
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect is a service that allows you to connect (Premium Bypass)
  • On-Demand Sharing is now available.
  • Canvas Sharing Unlocked
  • Feature of Unlocked Voice
  • Volume Control Has Been Unlocked
  • Lyrics Sharing Unlocked Animated Heart Unlocked (Works only in supported countries)
  • Storylines that have been unlocked
  • Sing-along Locked (Works only in supported countries)
  • User Playlist Annotation Has Been Unlocked (New Feature)
  • Unlocked Editorial Mode Unlocked Follow Feed
  • Full-Screen Stories Unlocked
  • Unlocked Login to Facebook has been disabled. DPIs for all ADS screens are 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, and 640dpi.
  • The signature on the original package has been modified.
  • MrDude, xC3FFF0E, and Sherlock collaborated on this release.



  1. It’s cross-platform compatible. You can listen to music on, using PC or Mac applications, or via mobile apps…
  2. The capacity to suggest outstanding tunes automatically. It has a nice UI and is simple to use.
  3. High-quality music with full copyright protection.
  4. like Netflix, we have a free plan here.


  1. The cost of a premium subscription is rather hefty.
  2. Does not have the ability to display lyrics. This function has been deactivated.
  3. Only in a few countries is it available.


How to Download & Install Spotify Premium APK?

  • Download the Spotify MOD Apk from here and open it in your file manager by double-clicking it.
  • It’s possible that an unknown source will ask your device for permission. Don’t be afraid to help; it’ll be completely risk-free.
  • Before hitting the done button, refreshing your smartphone, and opening the App, wait for the installation operation to complete.
  • That’s all there is to it; you can now use Spotify for as long as you wish.
Spotify premium mod apk

Installation Instructions

  • Remove any older versions of Spotify Premium from your Android phone or tablet.
  • Modyolos has the Spotify Premium APK accessible for download.
  • To use the software, open the Spotify Premium mod APK file you downloaded like any other file.
  • Permission for storage and placement must be obtained.

Final Verdicts

Spotify Premium APk will undoubtedly round out your ultimate selection of internet audio entertainment if you’re a fan of Pandora’s well-known music streaming platform. As a result, the app provides great music experiences with hundreds of thousands of songs from a wide range of artists, genres, and categories, allowing you to quickly select and enjoy your favorite music. With the incredible playlists, you may broaden your musical horizons and find yourself utterly calm. Most significantly, our excellent mod will undoubtedly make things more fascinating for you.



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