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Papa’s Cluckeria To Go mod apk is a file of the game available for download. It is free to choose a game where you work as a chef and run a restaurant.
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About the game:

Papa’s Cluckeria To Go mod apk is a file of the game available for download. It is free to choose a game where you work as a chef and run a restaurant. It’s a series of Papa Louie restaurant games. You’re the in-charge of a restaurant. You’ll be making sandwiches with various kinds of delicious toppings and sauces. You have to bread, fry food and batter in order to prepare a different taste of sandwiches. Customers also demand fresh slushes, and you have to serve them the best ones that touch their buds with various tastes.

papa's Cluckeria

You’re free to choose any bread or ingredient to prepare the special sandwiches. Spread your business, unlock new levels of ingredients, discover refreshing juices and work during holidays to attract customers. Gain special stickers after completing the orders. Deliver the food to the remote customers. 


Papa Louis is a farmer who is attempting to launch a company. He is thinking of different ideas and finally decides to open a chicken sandwich restaurant. He chooses to open a restaurant in the middle of Oilseed Springs. It is a fictional location. Some rivals around the area choose to give tough competition to Louis and open their restaurants in the same area. The one with delicious and yummy fried chickens, sauces, toppings, juices, slushes, and customer service will be dominated the market and attract hundreds of customers.

Features of the game:

The game has fascinating and relaxing features with a non-tiring gameplay mode. Once you enter the game, it’s difficult to exit. You’ll just keep on playing and serving the food lovers.

  • Food truck: Expand your business to the streets and roads of the city. Foodies are everywhere. Attract their attention with delicious foods. Hire a driver for the food truck. Send him to the flood of customers and earn even more.
  • Holiday flavors: As you are ranked up, the demand of your customers will be varied. You’ll unlock new holidays and seasons. The taste and food varieties will be changed accordingly. Different holidays of the year bring new food demands.
  • Special recipes: Complete the orders and learn special recipes. Try and serve the special recipes to earn bonuses and rewards. Customer happiness is the secret to success.

Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! Mod apk features: 

Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! Mod apk is the transformed version of the game where you’ll get unlimited free resources. Some of these features or resources are as follows:

  • Free to download: If you download the game from the play store, you have to pay about Rs 350. While it is freely downloadable from our website.
  • Custom chefs and drivers: You can customize your chefs and dress them up/according to your fashion. The driver for the truck is customizable as well.
papa's Cluckeria mod apk
  • Unlocked holidays: All the 12 holidays are unlocked in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! Mod apk. Enjoy the menu and ingredients list for these holidays. Make different combinations and prepare a variety of sandwiches.
  • All ingredients unlocked: About 149 ingredients are unlocked. It is a huge list available for you to prepare for what your customer demands. These ingredients consist of buns, bread, sauces, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, green leaves, etc. 

Food truck mode: You can switch to food truck play mode 

  • In Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! Mod apk. Instead of serving the limited area, wander around the city and sell your food to remote customers from offices, schools, shops, streets, homes, etc.
  • Stickers: Earn about 90 stickers by completing orders on time. These stickers are somehow a reward or badge of your excellence.
  • Special recipes unlocked: All the special recipes are unlocked in Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! Mod apk. Master, these recipes and customers will be endless. It brings more rewards and profit.
  • Unlimited resources: you’ll get unlimited money, unlimited gold, and unlimited diamonds or currency. These free resources can be used for in-app unlimited shopping.
  • No ads: Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! Mod apk is ads-free. There will be no irritating advertisements in between the game.

Download and Install:

  • Download Papa’s Cluckeria To Go! Mod apk file from our site.
  • Wait for the download and open the browser history for the downloaded file.
  • Before you install the game, check out your mobile security.
  • capable of installing and downloading from untrusted sources.
  • Now click the apk file to install.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Wait for the installation process.
  • capable of installing and downloading from untrusted sources.
  • You’re done.
papa's Cluckeria to go mod apk

Is the game safe?

The game is 100% safe, and no virus is found. Our team has scanned the file with a variety of anti-viruses and approved it for download. So feel free to download the game.

Is our data safe with the game?

Your data is safe with the game. It doesn’t ask for or accesses your personal information like emails, contacts, photos, or any other mobile data.

Can I update the game?

Yes, you can update the game when the new update is launched on our site. The game will inform you about the new updates.


Relax your mind with your cooking skills and strengthen your culinary abilities playing the game. Run and manage the restaurant and appeal to the customers with your recipes. Download the game and have your time. Leave a comment for queries.


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