If you have already used many WhatsApps but the Cyber Whatsapp Apk is different from others because in which all additionally new features are available that you will be using for the first time. Cyber WhatsApp is the Modded Version of the Original WhatsApp that was developed by Cyber security. It is modded from the request of the users. Cyber WhatsApp Apk Download for android Unlimited Unlocked Latest Version from (
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If you have already used many WhatsApps but the Cyber Whatsapp Apk is different from others because in which all additionally new features are available that you will be using for the first time. Cyber WhatsApp is the Modded Version of the Original WhatsApp that was developed by Cyber security. It is modded from the request of the users. Cyber WhatsApp Apk Download for android free Premium Latest Version from (

cyber whatsapp apk download

Cyber WhatsApp Overview

WhatsApp is the most popular social Media App in the world. Cyber WhatsApp is the newest Amazing and latest Social Media technology. It is designed for all security threat options, Customization Effects, and much more new features that you will be using for the first time. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) and User Friendly interface engaged every person to use Cyber Whatsapp.

Cyber WhatsApp is not a simple messenger because its messenger is different from other WhatsApp messengers in which you can read the message without showing the blue ticks to the contact. In old WhatsApp, you read the message with the blue ticks that show your recipient Whatsapp but in cyber Whatsapp cases, Blue Ticks will not show the read recipient message.

It has cyber security options with the use of this option your WhatsApp data will not be lost to hacked by any cybercrime. This is the WhatsApp safe from every cyber Security Its name is Cyber WhatsApp. If your mobile data is closed or for any reason, you need to delete WhatsApp from your android device So you have the opportunity to attach your existing account to the new Cyber WhatsApp. With the use of this your all data will automatically be back in just a few minutes on your Device.

Cyber WhatsApp is not available on the Google Play store. Why cyber WhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store? The main reason is that Cyber WhatsApp is the Modded Version because it is specially Developed for Cyber users. Google Play store does not support Mod versions. So, Cyber WhatsApp Apk Download From Our Site with unlimited unlocked Mod Apk with all the premium features.

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Fantastic Features of Cyber WhatsApp


This is the latest and fantastic feature of Cyber Whatsapp. With the use of these features, you can hide your last seen from your all other contacts. Go to setting and Find the Last seen option, You can use this option in two ways the first is ON or the last is OFF. This means Click ON to hide and Click OFF to show your last seen from all the contacts. Your contacts can’t be seen if you are on WhatsApp ONLINE or OFFLINE. You can hide your last scene for a lifetime.

cyber whatsapp apk download
cyber WhatsApp apk download

Automatic Reply

The automatic reply is the very interesting and latest technology for WhatsApp users. You can Reply to automatic messages delivered to the recipients. If you any personal messages, you Hi, Hello,., or any other kind of message so you have the opportunity to set your message to more than 50 characters for the automatic reply. You have the good benefit of this feature is that this works in both Online or Offline modes. If you are offline at any time and an unknown person sends you a message So your cyber WhatsApp automatically Replying the Offline.

Amazing Themes

There are a lot of thousands of themes available in Cyber WhatsApp that you can use in every something new situation because it has all the fantastic, Action, Horror, and thriller themes. You can set the themes to find the themes option in the setting Download your favorite theme and click to place it on the Cyber WhatsApp. You can Place one theme at one time. You need an internet connection to download the themes. All the themes are updated day by day.

Status time & privacy

There are many peoples who already knows about the Status option in WhatsApp but the cyber WhatsApp is different status timing and Privacy. In Original WhatsApp, you can set the status for only 30 Seconds while the other is GB WhatsApp in which you can customize the status for 45 Seconds. But in cyber WhatsApp, You have more time to show status for up to 1 minute. yes, you can manage or customize your Stats videos, and images for 60 Seconds.

The next is the privacy Option, it is the same as GbWhatsAPP Status privacy’s in which You have the function to show your status to Choosable Contacts. All the other people can’t See your Status. You can do something with all the status Privacy option that is available in Setting Menu.

Create and manages the Groups

You have the ability to create more than 10 + Groups and add more to up to 1000 members in these groups. This means you can manage 10,000 people on time. This is feature is only available on Cyber WhatsApp. Easy to Control all the groups and customize all Settings according to their needs. Share your all daily activities in all the groups for complete watch time and subscribers. Add members from many countries with the help of Numbers.

Save Status Option

This is the old feature of Whatsapp and it is already used in all the other WhatsApp like GbWhatsapp, OG Whatsapp, etc. Cyber WhatsApp provides their user with the Download Status option. Yes, Save all your contacts status in your Android storage in just a few seconds. The new thing in this feature is if you watch any status so it will be automatically saved to your Mobile Phone.

Language Changer

Language changes are the fantastic, Interesting, Amazing, and newest feature of Cyber Whatsapp. it is specially developed for forun countries users. There are more than 13 languages available in it that you can use according to their need. The 13 most popular international languages that speak in 90% of the world. Change your WhatsApp language with the help of this feature. Otherwise, the manual language is the English language.

Share Media files in Different Sizes

The media files include such as Audio, Videos, Graphics, Animation, Text, etc. You can send all the media files in just a few Seconds but the limit to sending files. You can send media files of more than 100 MBs. Send 90 pictures at one time and the size of the video contains 30MBs.

Backup & Restore

If your WhatsApp data delete by mistake So you have the ability to Backup all the data in just minutes. Don’t need to panic save your all data with the help of this cyber WhatsApp feature.

The other is the restore option that you will be used when all the Whatsapp settings are difficult. Few issues detect on your Whatsapp. Click to restore Button and get all old settings without any issues or without losing any data.

cyber whatsapp apk download

Key Features Of Cyber WhatsApp

  • Having the ability to send any file without limitations (Eg. Apk, etc.)
    Instead of 250 individuals, you may send a broadcast to 600 people.
  • Ability to selectively replicate the status.
  • Distinguish between normal and broadcast messages using this mod.
  • Staying online for 24 hours is an option, but it comes at a cost in terms of battery use.
  • Changing the styles of the bubbles and ticks.
  • You have complete control over every aspect of the software.
  • More than three chats can be pinned.
  • The ability to send a 50MB video instead of a 16MB movie.
  • The ability to send a 100MB audio clip rather than a 16MB audio clip.
  • The ability to send 90 photos instead of 10 photographs in a single transaction.
  • When copying two or more emails, you can hide the name and date.
  • You may get a copy by clicking here.
  • The capacity to conceal Receipts should be read.
    Contacts’ statuses may be copied simply by touching them.
    Hide the last time you saw a certain contact.
  • Set a maximum of 35 characters for the group name.
  • You may now immediately click on the links without needing to store the sender’s or Group Admin’s phone numbers.
  • Any WhatsApp tale may be saved on your phone.
  • The ability to make a phone call right from the app.
  • Show the Contacts Tab with a variety of styles.
  • Instead of the standard 139 characters, you may now customize your status to up to 255 characters.

MOD APK Features

Voice Changer

You may send audio messages to your friends, family, or anybody else and prank them by changing the tone of your voice. Yes, cyber WhatsApp gives you a variety of speech tones with which you may fool people.

Block audio/video calls

Block All the Audio or Video Calls that may disturb you. For Call Block, send the number to the blacklist. When someone comes online, you’ll be alerted.

Background Wallpaper

You may use a picture as the home screen’s backdrop. There are many backgrounds are available in cyber WhatsApp.


More anti-ban codes have been added to this mod by Fully Ban Prof.

Emojis Changer

Emoji may be changed into a variety of emoji variants.


Different WhatsApp Lock Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN, and also lock chat functionality are accessible in this mod.

Aeroplane Mode

When you don’t require WhatsApp messages, turn on airplane mode (Like DND).

cyber whatsapp apk download

How to cyber WhatsApp apk Download & Install?

  • Download the cyber WhatsApp Apk from here and double-click it to open it in your file manager.
    It’s possible that an unknown source will request authorization from your device. Don’t be hesitant to assist; it will be absolutely risk-free.
  • Wait for the installation procedure to complete before tapping the done button, refreshing your smartphone, and then accessing the App.
  • That’s it; you may now use Cyber WhatsApp for as much as you want for as long as you want.

Instructions for Installation

  • Remove any previous Whatsapp versions from your Android phones and tablets.
  • The cyber Whatsapp APK is available for download from Modyolos. Save the file to your hard drive.
  • Open the Cyber Whatsapp MOD APK file you downloaded like any other file to utilize the software.
  • Permission must be acquired for storage and placement.


So, I think we can say that WhatsApp is the best of all because it is free of cost, easy to use, and quick in sending and receiving messages. But, if you really want to enjoy using WhatsApp and spending your precious time in a fun way then you should use WhatsApp plus application. This application has many features which are not present in official WhatsApp. Cyber WhatsApp gives us the freedom to use WhatsApp the way we want and enjoy it to the fullest while maintaining a high level of security and privacy.

What's new

[Added] Copy Caption highlight for media (picture/video) - Select picture/video > 3-spot > Copy Caption
[Added] Ability to set "Search Web" or use Emoji for Profile Photo
[Enabled] Reactions include (Long press any msg)
[Enabled] Pause and resume voice note recording
[Enabled] New Privacy Settings (contacts with the exception of) Last Seen and Profile Photo
[Fixed] False enemy of infection/against malware reports
[Fixed] Voice notes blue mic symbol issue in the home screen
[Fixed] Video Call affirmation
[Fixed] WA Bots Menu not interactive
[Fixed] Mute marker in WAMOD line style
[Fixed] Translate messages show duplicated message
[Improved] Anti-boycott
[Others] Many different fixes and enhancements in Blue WhatsApp Plus


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