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ALight Motion MOD Apk is the best Motion Graphic Video Editor & eye catching Grabbing tools with super fantastic Animation Software For Android that you download free of cost with a lot of Premium Lifetime free Subscription.
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Create Free Animation, Illustration, Visual Effects, and graphic design with Alight Motion MOD APK. It is a professional motion designing app that helps you to Edit Keyframe Videos, Edit Illustrator, Edit Animations, and edit enthusiasts. Make all your favorite content with powerful Premium tools of Alight Motion Apk.

alight motion mod apk
ALight Motion Mod APk

Alight Motion Pro Apk is the best Motion Graphic Video Editor & eye-catching Grabbing tools with super fantastic Animation Software For Android that you download free of cost with a lot of Premium Lifetime free Subscription. Download Alight Motion Apk + MOD from (

Alight Motion Mod apk Overview

Alight Motion is a Premium video Editing Application for Android Phones but there are many peoples who use this app to make Animation and full-fledged graphics with visual effects and powerful tools. Edit your photos and videos with premium features that you can use in this app for free of cost. You can do any kind of graphic designing with the use of the alight motion mod apk. Just not only Graphic designing provides their users to Edit Keyframe Animation and put it into videos, and photos that you Imagin.

Enjoy this visually appealing media exposure program that allows you access to video editing tools and fantastic animations. We at Alight Motion MOD APK have designed the biggest software application that is simple to use and offers a wide range of features. This will make it easier for you to exploit the features of this app and create high-quality clips. There are many film industries that use Alight Motion to adjust animations, Movies Editing, etc. There are over more than 75 Million users in the world.

Alight Motion MOD APK is one of the first professional motion graphics apps for mobile devices. Alight Motion can help you create high-quality animations for your project by providing reliable visual effects and video compositing. It provides a variety of media types to its users. Some of them include multiple-layer graphics, images, and videos, an audio library, a list of vector shapes, a sketching facility, a vector drawing facility, and many more.

This is the only app that allows its users to Make Animated Videos. The animated video is a collection of many animated motion pictures. You can make all the animated images with different types of Animated custom or manual characters. If your video is complete so you need to put the song or any audio in your video. You don’t need to install any other app to put songs into the videos because the Alight Motion Mod apk allows its users to add or remove any kind of song into the videos.

Alight Motion MOD APK

Using Motion Blocks templates or combining individual Quick arts effects to create your own 3D, 2D, and motion graphics is increasingly becoming the standard for achieving professional results quickly.

More than a hundred customizable effects are offered in Alight Motion, which is mainly composed of over a hundred building block effects. These block effects then assist the user in creating professional and sophisticated visual effects by combining pieces of other building blocks using visual connectors in the proper order.

you can do anything related to Graphics designing and Videos Editing procedures with the alight motion Mod apk. Similar choices are available from Alight Motion, allowing you to efficiently modify your in-game videos. Feel free to experiment with the huge array of video editing options and features, and have fun producing amazing videos with your infinite imagination. And, most significantly, for those of you interested in creating animated videos, this would be an excellent tool to use.

The Alight Motion app is excellent for creating videos and pictures from your own original personal photo albums quickly. It also features an image-segmentation recording technology that can transform any song into a personal video slideshow with the flick of a finger, top video editing tools, and an easy-to-use interface. Best of all, it’s available here in Modded Version that you can Download free with Full Premium features and without ADs.

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Features of ALight Motion PRO APK

2000+Font Styles

Some of the font styles such as Bold, Italic, Bukhari Script, etc with the same as Font languages like ent Writing text styles. It’s fairly one-dimensional to create graphics and animations without text and fonts. With the use of Alight Motion Pro APk, you can add any font style text in any language in your videos. It supports more than 100 languages for Fonts.

All the fonts and text styles in any language you can choose for your videos. It allows its users to access large or small font sizes with different colors. Some of the font styles such as Bold, Italic, Bukhari Script, etc with the same Font languages as English, Russian, Hindi, etc. The text fonts come in a variety of sizes and colors, and you may add unique text effects to them.

Blending MODES

Add a layer to your images and videos with the use of this feature. Blending Mode is required for the creation of 3D films and animations. You may quickly add layers to your animation and graphical creations using the Blending mode to make them look more adaptable. The blending mode enables you to add and control numerous layers to achieve a stunning result. You can use professional software applications like Adobe Photoshop and others to modify the images and graphics using the layers. You

powerful Tools

You already used many video Editors but this is different from others because there are many premium powerful tools that you can use for free with the use of Alight Motion MOD APK. Edit your videos with these premium attractive tools. Alight Motion lets you bring your creativity to life by converting your ideas into vector graphics. Aside from working with ordinary editing tools, this tool allows you to choose bitmap or vector editing in order to imitate anything that you want in your video.

Graphics Control

Tools are very important for creating Animated Videos, Graphic designing, and illustrator. Without tools, you can’t do anything related to Editing and designing Procedures. All the premium tools are available in Alight motion Pro Apk that you use free of cost.

The most powerful tools that help to make Edit your Videos do Graphics Designing and Animation. There are many powerful premium tools that have the alight motion premium apk for their users’ engagement. Otherwise, you pay the amount to get all the Power Premium Tools but Alight Motion has built-in premium tools that you access for free.

XML Supported

This is the newest feature of the Alight motion Pro apk that supports all the XML files. yes, you can import all the XML files from your android phones. It allows its users to Edit the XML Files with all the premium tools. Not only Import XML files, but you can also convert your file into XML File To Export XML Formats.

Chroma Key

Chroma Key is the separate Premium Editing tool. It is also used to change the background of the videos. Shoot your video with Green Background after you can change the green background with the Chroma key. Chroma Key is the newest evergreen tool that is very useful and successful in the world. It Changes the video background that looks real. Alight motion pro-Apk has the premium built-in chroma key that you can use for free.

MP4 Videos & GIFS

Import & Export MP4 Videos from your Android phones to create mp4 videos & Gifs. Put some Gifs in your Mp4 in your videos to make them more desirable. It is an interesting feature of the Alight motion mod apk. Above all, making GIFs gives your graphics more depth. It just sends the content message you desire. It’s also the same GIF graphic that lets visitors know what message or content you’re trying to express.

Save Recently Used Item

There are many items that you can use for making Animation, Designing, and Elements to edit videos. ALight motion Mod Apk allows accessing all the recently used items to save and store for later use. We understand that it irritates you at times, but preserving such items is an excellent way to save time when editing. To save time and energy, utilize your intellect to produce magnificent images and videos that you can save for later use. Additionally, while editing, you can use solid color and automatic gradient color functions.

Import and Export Content from Library

Import and Export any kind of Content from the library that you used in the alight motion mod apk. It is the downloading feature in which you can download any Edited or created content from the app to your Mobile Phone Library Storage. The other is the uploading feature in which you can upload any kind of contact that you create wants from your Mobile storage Library. Import and Export are the other names for Uploading and Downloading.

Multiple Visual Effects

Alight Motion MOD APK has an internal, complete editing and animation engine that allows you to use a variety of visual effects with the touch of a button. Encourage yourself to start using Borders and Shadow Effects to animate things in your own unique way with stunning filling effects and a full-color palette. Additionally, full-speed motion effects can be easily used to create your own animation. Visual effects and color correction features are also included in the application, so try all the visual effects once.

Edit Videos In Multiple Layers

If you want to be a sensational video maker, Alight Motion MOD APK is your weapon. This app has everything that you need. You can create awesome videos with its help. This app also provides layers and other associated features for editing videos. Inlay these layers, and customize the video as needed. These layers are used to split and edit the videos.

No Watermark

When you Edit your Videos From Free APps So App Watermark(logo) Appears on your Videos making losing your Videos Quality. You need to buy Premium App to remove Watermark but we Provide you the Premium Alight Motion APk that you Download free of Cost. The premium feature of this Mod APK removes the watermarks from all the videos and animations that you’ve created. This helps the users to automatically export the animations and illustrations without any unwanted watermarks. This is quite suitable for professional illustrators and animators who are working on the client’s projects.

alight motion mod apk
Alight Motion Pro APk

Alight Motion MOD APK Features

Key-Frame Animation

ents from your Videos. You will have many frames in your Videos you can Add Several items in your videos according to your need. You can create animated Sketch, cartoons with the help of the Alight motion mod apk and put them into the keyframe animation. It becomes easier to build intricate and smooth animations when you have complete control over each frame. Keyframe animation is a feature that we incorporate into every project.

Alight Motion APk allows you to set up rules for specific situations and actions so that if something encounters these conditions, the relevant action is automatically triggered. Since there are movements that make it easy to move, you can now customize the timing cruise. You can also choose from different settings. This makes it easy to animate everything, including your video and any matching music.

Gradient Effect

You’ll also be given gradient fill effects and solid colors to ensure that your animation looks even better than it did previously. If you don’t have a border for your animation, the video you edit or produce will be incomplete. Furthermore, the shadow effects give the animation a more realistic appearance than before. Even adding a border to an image completes the picture. As a result, this function is far more valuable than you might assume.

Music Library

Makes melodies from songs. Audio Engine – Includes a variety of musical instruments such as flute, guitar, and string instruments. This is a fun and easy way for music fans to master the basic principles of audio processing and create peaceful sounds without having to study traditional music. Easy to use for people who enjoy listening to music and want to make their own sound, or who are just interested in how synth features work.

However, the music they listen to is very different from what others enjoy. In order to get the most out of their music, these listeners must understand how to appreciate various forms of musicality in order for them to be completely or satisfactorily impressed by it. For example, if someone only listens to a specific type of music, it’s hard for them to fully or completely enjoy their music.

Save lifetime Records

This is the only app that saves all your Records that you make or edit in Alight Motion Apk. This app takes your mobile storage and saves all the data in hidden space. It keeps track of when the person takes a picture of the scene. Although recording time in ALight Motion pro apk isn’t difficult, you need to spend some time considering how you want to record your session. You can access all your alight motion data in the recent file history.

Fast Loading Server

It does not take a long time while you using it because it has fast-loading servers. Keeps adding all the necessary elements to quickly create a great image or film. With a high-speed Maker, you can make your own things. Alight Motion mod apk enables users to create anything related to animation, movies, and images using a high-speed server.

Drag & Drop

Allows users to add items with their fingertips to build a dynamic frame in seconds. Users can also be replaced with fresh photos or apps to display on-screen. The program uses vector graphics to construct frames, making it simple to create 2D and 3D drawings.

Sticky Notes

Users can make sticky notes by dragging things to a certain location, but only one, two, or three-dimensional objects, not four-dimensional models, are allowed. On any axis, these sticky notes can be rotated. It is possible to replace these goods in the future. However, this fantastic feature will allow only one user to make all of the changes. It also works when numerous people wish to make changes to the same document.

High-Quality Publishing

You can now export the videos in high resolution after they’ve been edited. This function isn’t just for exporting or producing videos; you can also post them straight on social media, for example. We believe it is a significant benefit that makes our app extremely versatile and user-friendly.

alight motion mod apk
Alight Motion Pro APk

Key Features of LAight Motion MOD APK

  • The ability to layer photos, video, and music on top of each other, as well as work with vector and bitmap images (you can even edit vector designs straight on your phone!). To create complicated visual effects, you can employ over 160 fundamental visual effect building blocks.
  • Keyframe animation is available for all settings. Rig character joint positions and link parent and child layers together.
  • Cameras that can pan and zoom while simultaneously dealing with haze and fog. In digital photography, grouping and masking are two essential techniques.
  • Smoother animation movements arise from increased animation softness. Alter between using pre-made timing curves and making your own custom timing curves.
  • Markers that make it simpler to make changes to the document. Motion blur that is affected by the object’s velocity
  • To export, make MP4 videos, GIF animations, PNG sequences, and still photos.
  • Allow others to view your project files. Solid colors and gradients are used to create fill effects. There are border, shadow, and stroke effects to choose from.
  • Custom typefaces are possible to use.
  • By copying and pasting between layers, you can reuse entire layers or only their styles.
  • Make a list of your favorite parts so you can reuse them in future projects.

Explore Alight Motion APk Features

  • Layering is crucial in animation, as you may know. To make some beautiful and unique video graphics and animations, you can construct as many layers as you wish.
  • It also includes keyframe animations and a plethora of settings and features.
  • Hundreds of graphic effects are available.
  • When photographs require color correction, the color correction option will assist you in achieving the desired styling, shading, and appearance.
  • In this app, you may choose from a variety of solid color and gradient filling possibilities.
  • Shading isn’t just for images; it may also be used on borders. You can choose from cartoony, anime, realistic, or any other style.
  • With simple and preset animation, you can enjoy fluid motion and specific action.

PROS & CONS OF Alight Motion MOD APK


ProcessorOcta-Core Processor with minimum 2.0GHz Clock Speed [Recommend SD 665]
RAM3GB or More
OSAbove Android 6.0
PermissionGallery, Phone Storage
Alight Motion MOD APK

Is it safe to use the Alight Motion MOD version?

Yes, it is completely virus-free and virus-free. We put it through its paces on a variety of devices and found that it passed every test. As a result, it is free of malware and hazards.

In the Alight Motion app, can all the layers be messed up?

Yes, there is a fantastic option in this app to muck up all of the layers with one click. Layers can also be grouped.

Is the Alight Motion MOD apk available for download for free?

The Alight Motion altered version is, of course, open-source and free to download. You are not required to pay for it.

How to Download & Install Alight Motion MOD APK?

  • Download the Alight Motion mod apk from here and open it in your file manager by double-clicking it.
  • It’s possible that an unknown source will ask your device for permission. Don’t be afraid to help; it’ll be completely risk-free.
  • Before hitting the done button, refreshing your smartphone, and opening the App, wait for the installation operation to complete.
  • That’s all there is to it; you can now use the Alight Motion MOD apk for as long as you wish.

Installation Instructions

  • Remove any older versions of Alight Motion from your Android phone or tablet.
  • Modyolos has the Alight Motion mod APK accessible for download.
  • To use the App, open the Alight Motion MOD APK file you downloaded like any other file.
  • Permission for storage and placement must be obtained.


Alight Motion MOD Apk is a video editing app for those who wish to edit their videos professionally, quickly, and efficiently. It allows you to not only edit but also create anime and motion graphics. It could be a good choice for a handheld video editor and animation program, in our opinion.

According to our experience, the software performs admirably on mobile devices. It includes a number of essential tools that will assist you in creating gorgeous animations. It’s free to download, and we’re sure it’ll be a wonderful addition to your mobile apps.



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